Thank you for your interest in our history!

Kollner’s Prime Meats originated as a chain of butcher shops with a variety of locations throughout the North East. As the years have passed, our family owned Rockville Centre location has stood the test of time and is the only remaining location. We thank you for your support and invite you to take a look at the time line of our stores history.

History RVC

1925 – The year William Breidenbach the first was an apprentice for Max Kollner.

1929 – He became the manager of the Rockville Centre store branch of Kollner’s Meats and expressed interest in one day purchasing the business.

1940 – Max Kollner passed away and William Breidenbach the first took over the business.

1941 – William Breidenbach the first put his business career on hold and answered the call to serve his country during World War II in the Navy.

1950 – William Breidenbach the first finished paying off Max’s son for the business and was the full owner of the Rockville Centre location of Kollner’s Prime Meats. This same year he was called back to duty as a Sergeant in the Korean War.

1959 – William Breidenbach the second received an honorable discharge from the Navy and returned home to join his father full time after many years of working at the store part time.

1972 – At age 12 Bill Breidenbach began working with his father and grand father part time.

1975 – William Briedenbach the first became ill, and the store was moved to a larger store next to us on Village Avenue.

1980 – Bill Breidenbach finished college and started working full time.

1982 – Kollner’s Prime Meats moved from Village Avenue to 320 Sunrise Highway, our current location.

1988 – William Breidenbach the second and his son Bill Breidenbach became partners in Kollner’s Prime Meats inc.

1990 – William Breidenbach the second tragically passed away and Bill Breidenbach became sole proprietor of the business.

2003 – Bill Breidenbach’s thirteen year old sons began to work part time.

2015 – We celebrated our 85th anniversary making us the oldest family run business in Rockville Centre!

2020–  It is our pleasure to celebrate our 90th anniversary in the town we love!

Kollners Christmas

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